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If 4Kids did Homestuck
  • God Tier would be called Dream Tier. You attain it by simply falling asleep on your Quest Bed, no dying involved.
  • The original soundtrack would be replaced with bland synthesizer music.
  • Dave would have a Texan accent.
  • He would still rap. The raps would be terrible and full of bad puns.
  • Rose would be British
  • Jade would use a squirt gun
  • The Midnight Crew Intermission would be cut entirely because they had no idea the characters would actually be important later.
  • They would re-edit episodes so Casey would appear more, and possibly skip episodes to get to her introduction sooner, hoping to make her be the show’s cute animal mascot.
  • The Troll’s horns are edited out because they appear too demonic
  • Trolls are still presented as a violent race, though all references to culling are removed. Instead, Trolls that don’t meet the standards are sent to a really hard and boring training school until they shape up.
  • The idea of different colored blood and the caste system never comes up, and all blood is edited out
  • dream bubbles = THE SHADOW REALM
  • Jack’s sword would have special negative energies that sent people to the Dream Bubbles when he stabs them
  • Vriska’s entire character is changed to be a ditzy valley girl.
  • Any Troll food references are changed to regular American food that kids are familiar with (grubsauce = mustard, etc)

fuck I could do this all night

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    God Tier would be called Dream Tier. You attain it by simply falling asleep on your Quest Bed, no dying involved. The...
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